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Systematize Sales Success

Personalized, anytime and everywhere AI coaching elevates performance and team success More

Shortcut to Creating Customers

Instant insights for customer curiosity, expertly guiding interactions and steering buying behaviors. More

Drive Performance & Accountability with AI

On-demand insights, guidance and support

Airlock guidance and support systems create on-demand AI coaching

Many sales reps in small businesses miss out on consistent skills training. Real-world recaps and replays are too time and resource intensive to be practical – especially in small businesses – yet instant coaching is the fastest path to high performance. A Guidance System offers immediate, personalized feedback or preparation. Its advice and insights develop skills, morale, and results.

Guidance AI lives on a dedicated website, accessible to whomever you choose

AI is taught and trained to know your products, perspectives and processes including your sales techniques, approaches or best practices

Reps can call on their AI Guidance System anytime, like before or after a pitch or presentation. AI engages authentically, probing and responding with actionable, relevant insight and advice.

Transcripts and analytics can be shared with leaders to identify knowledge or performance gaps and take training to the next level

How it's better than what you're doing now

See if this is familiar: Your sales rep finishes a pitch or presentation and texts or emails the prospect. How did it go? What could have gone better?

Who knows?

Traditional sales training and practice are valuable, but real-world, personalized, real-time feedback is the cornerstone of lasting excellence. You or your sales managers can’t be everywhere, with everybody, all the time. You’re left spotting general trends and broadcasting a one-size-fits-all message to your team.

Or, involve your Guidance AI System. Seamlessly aligned with your business and sales imperatives, it’s always available for a conversation and ready with real-time scenario analysis, delivering immediate and precise feedback. It’s like giving every sales rep their own personal coach.

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Shortcut the path to sales with AI

A Compass for Customer Clarity

Your customers are hunting your website for specific answers. While you’re trusting that they’ll click and tap their way to doing business, they’re losing patience (and sleep) trying to solve a problem. A Guidance AI System tuned to support eliminates click-through-chaos. They’ll be out of the weeds and into your wheelhouse.

Guidance AI lives right on your website, accessible with a tap or click

AI is trained to be a product and brand expert on your business, ready to connect to your customers

AI listens to understand, asks followup questions for better clarity or qualifying, and steers to the next step in your support or sales process

Customers are prompted to do the next thing - schedule, buy, learn more, whatever helps them (and you) on their journey

How it's better than what you're doing now
Even the most optimized, best organized website is a trail of breadcrumbs. Customers know the answer’s around here somewhere – they just need to find it. The longer that search takes and the harder it becomes, the more frustrated and impatient they get.

Or, complement and augment your website with instant answers. A Guidance AI System is ready to move the sales or support conversation along quickly and easily, then automate the next steps to your internal processes. Win. Win. Won.

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Is this like a chatbot?

Not like you’re used to. We avoid using “chatbot” because the phrase usually translates to “why did I even click this thing?” Typically, that nifty gizmo at the corner of the screen seems to have three modes:

Leave a message and we’ll get back to you!

So… just another form to fill out then. Gotcha.

I’m here to help! Choose from these 193 options.

So… the same menu as up top on your site. Cool.

Did My Canned Response Answer Your Question? Yes? No?

Wait, are you testing my patience or asking me to do your job?

None of these cultivate connections or move your business. Most just frustrate people. We design our AI companions to redefine digital interaction, especially for small businesses. They’re adept, curious, and geared to guide from just browsing to let’s do business