Employees are Hiding AI at Work and Why Airlock AI Was Started

Axios says that 75% of knowledge workers (who isn't a knowledge worker, exactly?) are using generative AI at work, but most worry about their bosses knowing about it. So says a 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report from LinkedIn and Microsoft. According to Axios, there...

AI That Talks, Moves, Writes and More: Hello From Chrisynthetic

Something I love about the emergence of AI is how it levels some fields. This means smoothing out some hills - stuff that was hard to do before is made easier - but also filling some holes or gaps - stuff that just...wasn't doable is made possible. One way we explore...

4 Ways You Should Be Using ChatGPT (But Probably Aren’t)

It's been less than two years since OpenAI disrupted...well, everything, with ChatGPT. You've likely tried it (or its similar GenAI cousins from Google and Microsoft, Gemini and Copilot). Even if you haven't visited ChatGPT's site, there's a good chance you've still...

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